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Your Consignment Pay Is Ready! 

Consignor Report

Checks are issued each month on the 15th (for the prior month). If this day falls on a weekend or holiday, they will be issued on the next business day. Using the list below, consignors can view whether they have a check waiting for them at the shop. Checks will be kept in the shop for pick up unless specifically requested in writing to be mailed. Please be informed that we will now be charging the following fees, as applicable: $7.50 check cancellation fee per check, check rewriting fee $5.00, mailing fee $2.25, cleaning/repair fee $10.00 per 15 minutes plus materials, if applicable, processing fee $3.00 per line item.

9/15/23: 1052 . 1114 . 1498 . 1606 . 2614 . 2914 . 2939 . 2977 . 3036 . 3052 . 3061 . 3070 . 3075 . 3076 . 3080  History

About Our Consignment Program 

Consignment Agreement
One of the most common reactions we get from new visitors is “Wow! You have so much stuff! Where do you get all these amazing things?” The answer is – from our many wonderful and loyal consignors who bring them in on a daily basis! Why? 1) 50% split to you, 2) Extensive online exposure combined with a large brick-and-mortar shop, 3) Ability to track your items online, 4) Monthly payout with a graphics-rich report, 5) Your contract automatically renews for items with a value over $20, 6) Wide exposure for your items due to our online marketing, 7) Cross-selling and free transfers between stores expands your sales potential even further.  


Wish List

Since we keep a waiting list of specific items requested by customers, we can often sell your things quickly.

What consignments are accepted?

Primarily we accept attractive and gently used furniture and other items in good condition and working order as shown in categories on our website. We generally do not accept items with a resale value under $20 or clothing. 

consignment furniture

How to Begin Consignment

To begin, review our Consignment Agreement, fill it up as much as possible, and turn it in with your consignment. Simply bring your items to our shop during open hours. Price is mutually agreed upon to maximize your sale yet still attract customers and can be discounted. Please call ahead to let us know if you are bringing a large load. 

How to Maximize Your Return

Please make your item as clean and presentable as possible. If a pane of glass is broken, it is advisable to have a new one made. Remember we charge for making repairs and cleaning your items. When possible, please state helpful selling points such as the original price paid, approximate age, and whether it has been in a non-smoking, pet-free environment or professionally cleaned. You can track your items on our website along with current selling price. Price reductions are usually taken over time; also feel free to let us know when you wish us to make a price adjustment.

Pickup Service

Pickup service is offered; contact us to request a quote. Provide your pickup location, approximate number/type of items, whether stairs are involved, and if someone is able to help with loading. Please have your items ready to be photographed, personal items removed, except for "staging," if desired.

Tracking Your Consigned Items

One of the biggest worries that consignors tell us is the inability to follow/keep track of their consigned items. Therefore we have worked hard to provide you with a tracking system. On this website, simply plug in your “consignment number” in the search box, and you will see all of the items that you have consigned with us which have not already sold, including photos and descriptions. If you want us to change anything about how we advertise your item(s), feel free to contact us.

Questions About Your Consignment?

If you have a question about your consignment or pay (e.g., you believe we made a mistake, or you want to know when your item was sold, etc.), please avoid coming to the shop to question our sales staff, who may not necessarily have the answer or the time, since, as most visitors know, things can get hectic at the shop. Please allow our sales staff to focus on selling your items! Your questions are best handled by email to management, and, if email is unavailable to you, please call to request a return call from our corporate office.

Updates to Consignor Agreement

Reminder: Consignors agree to abide by all updates to our Consignment Agreement. If you do not agree, your only recourse is to remove your items from our store. A history of noteworthy changes to our consignment agreement are listed below, with the updated wording italicized.

  • 5/18/22: Consignment period, early withdrawal. Consignors picking up items shall find and gather it themselves and then check out with AF staff. Staff may assist at the usual rate.
  • 5/18/22: Damage, theft, loss, insurance. Due to high traffic...AF shall not be liable for any damage or loss.
  • 4/8/22: Early payout. A $35 handling fee applies if CNR requests early payout. Seven business days are required for processing.
  • 4/8/22: Cleaning/repair fee. Changed from $10 to $15.
  • 4/16/19: This Agreement is between Amazing Finds, LLC (“AF”) and Consignor (“CNR”) and must be mutually signed
  • 4/16/19: Consignment period, early withdrawal. Items with a > $20 start price shall have a contract period of 1 year; items with a $20, or less, start price, will have a contract period of 90 days. Consignor shall pick up items after this time period, or the items will be considered abandoned without further notice, unless parties mutually agree to a new contract. Withdrawing an item during the first 90 days will incur an early withdrawal fee of 10% of the start price.
  • 4/16/19: Marketing, sales, markdowns, promos, etc. CNR gives AF full discretion . . . including a markdown guideline of up to 15% in the first 30 days, up to 30% after 30 days, up to 40% after 60 days, up to 50% after 90 days, and > 50% or auctioning after 6 months. If CNR does not wish their items to be sold below 50%, CNR's only recourse is to pick up their items after 6 months.
  • 4/14/19: Cleaning, repairs, non-functioning items. If an item requires cleaning or repair, AF may do so at $10 per 15 minutes without notice.
  • 3/15/19: Pick up and delivery service. . . Regular service is $40 for one person ($60 for 2 people).
  • 1/1/19: Percentage split. CNR will receive 50% of the sold price with any fees (repair, clean up, pickup, etc.) subtracted from this amount. If AF advertises on ebay, Etsy, Amazon, etc., the split shall be 40% to CNR (10% fee to withdraw once listed).
  • 9/20/18: Other person approved to pickup checks___________________________
  • 7/15/18: Pick up and delivery service. . . Regular service is . . . $150-300 for a half to a full box truck load . . . .
  • 5/7/18: Credit card fees, mailing & other fees. Other fees such as check rewriting, mailing, handling, etc. may apply.
  • 11/15/16: Payment schedule. . . . Checks not picked up within one year of issuance will be considered abandoned, void, and payment forfeited.
  • 3/18/16: Processing fee. $3 per item equal or greater than $10, or group of items.
  • 3/18/16: Pick up and delivery service. AF offers Regular vs Guaranteed pickup/ delivery services.  . . . Availability and timeliness of Regular Service are not guaranteed. CNR must purchase the Guaranteed Service if for a guaranteed time and date, and, if AF is 15 or more minutes late, the service will be free.