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Q #1: What do you sell? A: New, unique, and gently used home and office furniture (bedroom sets, sofas, end tables, coffee tables, dining sets, chairs, hutches, desks, filing cabinets, entertainments centers, TV stands, bookcases, etc.), new and refurbished mattresses, and other home furnishings such as rugs, lamps, art, etc. Our stock can also include sporting goods, appliances, electronics, toys, construction materials, and farm and ranch equipment and vehicles, including mowers, motorcycles, cars, trucks, trailers, and newer RVs.

Q #2: Do you sell clothing, shoes, books, etc.? A: We generally do not accept these items on consignment unless the value is greater than $20. We also consider donations on some items in good condition.

Q #3: How can I obtain a shipping quote?  A: We ship nationwide. The easiest way for you to obtain a shipping quote is to order the item. This will provide us with all the information needed to give you the cost of shipping. It also will reserve the item for you. Your payment will be authorized, and usually we will capture the payment once you approve the cost for shipping. We will send you an invoice for this amount that you can pay online or over the phone.

Q #4: Do you guarantee your items? A: We do not guarantee items except for electronics and appliances, and new furniture which may be covered by the manufacturer's warrantee. Please understand that used items inherently may contain defects, so inspect your prospective purchase(s) carefully. Online website purchases can be refunded if you are not satisfied upon personal inspection when you arrive at the shop, generally processed within 1-2 business days, or longer for a check to clear, if this form of payment was used. However, if you purchase online and request delivery without prior inspection ant then ask for a refund, please be aware that corresponding delivery, or handling and shipping fees, will still apply. Most items are sold on an "AS IS, WHERE IS" basis with all sales final with only the exceptions mentioned above.

Q #5: Do you sell new items? A: Yes. These items are clearly labeled as being "new," which means they are unused. They may be new in the box or just unpacked and set up for display in our shop for you to inspect. Additionally, we sometimes offer "nearly new" items labeled "Dept. Store return/closeout," which are mostly store returns, liquidations, closeouts, overstock items, and often have some defect which may or may not be apparent. As with our used items, please inspect your prospective purchase prior to purchasing. 

Dept. Store Returns and Closeouts Disclaimer: These items may be department store returns, floor displays, or closeouts, with possible defects, scratches, missing parts, etc. Please inspect carefully before purchasing. All items are sold on an "as is, where is" basis, with the exception of appliances and electronics, which have a 7-day money-back guarantee. No additional warranties are included. In most cases, price has been adjusted to consider these defects; at times, additional discount may be considered based on a more thorough examination.

Q #6: How do I track my consignment? A: Your consignment number is listed on your consignment agreement. Enter this number into the search pane at the top right corner of the website for the store where you consigned your items. Your items which are still being marketed will come up. When items are gone, it most likely means they sold, but they could also be put on layaway. When you have a check available, your consignor number will be published on the Consign link of our website. There is also a History page to check further back.

Q #7: Where do you get all that great stuff? A: Thanks to all our wonderful consignors! The community makes our store what it is, with unique items arriving daily. Plus we stock new furniture and mattresses. Our suppliers include private parties, manufacturers, other retailers and liquidators, closeouts, store returns, estate liquidations, etc.

Q #8: What forms of payment do you accept? A: We prefer cash to help us pass on the savings to you, but we also accept check and credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express). You can also use Paypal online. We also offer layaway and financing.

Q #9: Do you repair and refinish furniture? A: All items are sold on an "as is, where is" basis. Many items show some sort of wear and tear, even some items which appear new, as stated above, could be store returns, liquidations, closeouts, etc. We can do repair and refinishing, but only on a very limited basis.

Q #10: Do you accept trade-in's? A: We do consider trade-in's on items we consider in demand. Keep in mind, however, that the standard in business trade-in's is not "value for value" (i.e., like swapping something between private parties). We are a business with overhead cost, and, therefore, the value of your item to us is what we could purchase it for (at wholesale, liquidation, closeout prices). Please consider consignment if you are trying to obtain value from your item. With this in mind, please let us know what the lowest amount you would take for your item for trade.

Q #11: Do you offer straight buyout as an alternative to consignment? A: Yes, but, again, please keep in mind that we purchase items based on what we can usually purchase them for as a business. Also, we only purchase items that we feel are in good/clean condition and considered to be in demand. Please do not expect to receive the same value as if you were to sell it to a private party, or what the item could sell for if it was consigned. Please let us know your lowest price limit, which should be similar to a yard sale price to be attractive to a dealer. We do not wish to waste time in a confrontation about perceived "value." This service is also subject to availability of staff and other resources and best done by appointment. Lastly, although not required, it is helpful if you can email photos and detailed description, including any defects, of your proposed items ahead of your arrival to the shop. You should not attempt to sell to us if you are trying to get a high value for your items. In these cases, we can offer you better service through consignment. 

Q #12: What is your low price guarantee on new items? A: Our prices won't be beat... Guaranteed! If you find an item we stock priced lower, we will sell it at less than the competitor's price. (Must be able to be verified as identical item available the same day in a local retail shop within 25 miles, based on their standard retail price; does not apply to liquidation or blow-out type sales, although this price might be matched by us at our discretion; may not be used in combination with other sales or specials.) On special orders, bring us your quote from either a local dealer or the Internet, except for auction sites, and we will be glad to see if we can beat their price. The total price of the retailer's product is considered the product price, plus any shipping and handling charges. Any discounts earned from membership pricing, free shipping, product-bundles, or the use of coupons, rebates, or promotional offers are not applied to this final product price.

Q #13: Do you offer a lowest price guarantee on used items? A: We would like to do so, but we cannot because of the inherent fact that no two used items are exactly alike, so there would be no basis for comparison and therefore we would not be able to verify a purportedly same used item from a competitor. However, we do our best to price competitively. If you feel there is a basis for you to purchase something for lower than marked, feel free to make an offer.

Q #14: How are consigned items priced? A: Unlike some consignment shops which simply dictate low starting prices to their consignors just to sell items fast, regardless of how it hurts the Consignor, our rule is to respect the Consignor's wishes as to the starting price. Our job is to simply advise consignors as to whether we think their price is high or low, based on our experience. 

"Value," as you may realize, is based on numerous factors such as condition, age, unique qualities, make, model, etc. Other factors such as the original purchase price, sentimental value, etc. also are taken into account. A lot of "value" is subjective, and, on numerous occasions, we have been surprised when an item sells for more than we expect. This makes our consignors happy, and this is why we think we have been blessed with many high end items from wealthier consignors. From what we hear, our shops far exceed others when it comes to quality.

If an item is priced too high, and the Consignor wishes to stick to this high starting price, we do not have any problems with this, because ultimately the market will eventually bear things out, as we have the authority to reduce the price if the item is not sold at that current level. The bottom line is - if you do not agree with some of the prices set, please understand that 1) we do not necessarily set the starting prices, and more importantly, 2) do not hesitate to make an offer, but (hint) please do it in a nice way, and we will see what we can do on your behalf.

Q #15: What is your Website disclaimer? A: Although we do our best to daily update this website with our major items, it is not a guarantee that all items are still available. Therefore please contact us before making your purchase online so we can verify availability. If you decide to make a purchase after business hours, please note that your order will be verified the next day, and we will contact you (by email or phone) for the final payment process. Please realize that items will not be held without payment. However, courtesy holds are given to those who call to request them when they are on their way, for the duration of their trip. Also, please understand that clerical errors or inconsistencies may occur in product price, photos, and description, and generalized terms such as "oak" or "mahogany" may be used in reference to a finish versus type of wood. Due to volume, descriptions may be based on consignors' terminology without expert verification by our staff. Please contact us via email if you see any errors, as we like to be accurate.

Q #16: What is your refund policy? A: No refunds. All merchandise is sold on an "as is, where is" basis, except when item is new, if a manufacturer's warranty applies, and on electronics and appliances, which come with a 7-day guarantee with receipt. Customers are encouraged to come in to the store to inspect items prior to purchasing. If Customer wishes store to hold merchandise for pickup after date of purchase, special arrangements need to be made with Store Manager. Any merchandise not picked up within 30 days will be considered abandoned and returned to store inventory.

Q #17: How can I contact you? A: See Contact Us. You can reach us by email at or by phone at 530-917-1138.

Q #18: What is the greatest Amazing Find? A: No question about this one: The greatest find is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord! "For what will it profit a main if he gains the whole world, but loses his own soul" (Matthew 16:26). "Jesus saith unto him, 'I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comesth unto the Father, but by me'" (John 14:6). To learn more, see