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Texas Instruments Ti-86 Graphing Calculator AS IS (won't turn on) 20307 121

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Product Information
Boost your mathematical prowess and complement your calculus skills with the TI-86 Graphing Calculator. The functional and portable calculator features a large display screen that is 8 lines tall and 21 characters wide. This size accommodates large and complex calculations. The numbers are fully visible, so it is easy to differentiate an 8 from a 0. These devices come with an instructional manual with information on using and programming the calculators.These TI-86 graphing calculators allow you to use uppercase and lowercase Greek letters. They have five soft keys for categories of calculations that you frequently use. It shows different results based on numeric calculations for function, polar, parametric, and differential equations. The improved menu navigation and engineering allow you to model complex formulas. You can even use these Texas Instruments products to program your own games.Calculate complicated problems easily using its user-friendly features, including an evaluation table that ensures speedy solutions. You can also customize a variety of different graphs for computational convenience. Smile all the way to the graduation ceremony after using this reliable device's numerous tools to solve nerve-wracking problems. It even offers multiple shading options that ensure graph and slope clarity.Designed for college students, this creation from Texas Instruments offers myriad features. It covers minimums, arcs, and derivatives, so it provides invaluable assistance when you’re tackling higher mathematics. A function evaluation table makes it easy to enter information and maximize your time. When connected to a computer using its input/output port, the graphic calculator can be edited and programmed using the Z80 coding language. It also accepts TI-BASIC and Assembly language (ASM) coding. With the included linking cable, you can download statistical functions for use in advanced high school and college courses.These TI-86 graphing calculation systems have a Zilog Z80 microprocessor with 6 MHz speed. The RAM is 128 KB with 96 KB of user-accessible memory. The 256 KB non-upgradable ROM supports high-speed calculations even with complex math problems. The screen on this Texas Instruments calculator offers 128 x 64 pixels of high-contrast monochrome LCD resolution. When you need to communicate with another Texas Instruments calculator, a laptop, or other electronic devices, you can use the included serial cable. It plugs into the serial link port and enables two TI-86 calculators to be connected with each other. You can also use the cable for uploading or downloading data, programs, and graphs.This Texas Instruments calculator measures 7.3 inches long by 3.5 inches wide. It is 1 inch thick and weighs 12 ounces, so it is easy to store in a locker or backpack. The TI-86 uses two AAA batteries that can be accessed using a small screwdriver. To provide enhanced protection for the display, it comes with a cover that is easy to use. The cover simply slides on and off. When you are using the calculator, you can store the cover on its rear side so that it does not get lost.
Product Identifiers
BrandTexas Instruments
UPC0033317197392, 0033317192342
Product Key Features
Power SourceBattery
Key SizeRegular
Additional Product Features
Display TypeLarge
Digit Display12 Digits
Additional FeaturesCase Included